A note to our International Customers: We regret that the US Postal Service has very high rates for International Mail. We are not happy about that but there's nothing we can do.

Before placing your DVD order, please consider if a HD video download version might work for you. These HD downloads can be played on your computer, iPad, tablet, and large screen TVs using either a media player or a blu-ray player that has a USB (Flash Drive) input. Many new TVs even have a USB connector built in.

You can even try a FREE SAMPLE DOWNLOAD to see if downloads might work for you.

Our HD Download Versions are only $6.99 and there's no postage or import duty plus you'll receive it in just a matter of minutes. To order an HD Download Version, please click here..

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1 DVD for $14.99 + $14.00 First Class International Mail

2 DVDs for $29.98 + $14.00 First Class International Mail

3 DVDs for $44.97 + 1 additional FREE DVD = 4 DVDs + $23.50 First Class International Mail

5 DVDs for $74.95 + 2 additional FREE DVDs = 7 DVDs + $23.50 First Class International Mail

8 DVDs for $119.92 + 3 additional FREE DVDs = 11 DVDs + $35.75 First Class International Mail

10 DVDs for $149.90 + 5 additional FREE DVDs = 15 DVDs + $51.50 First Class International Mail

Note: The postage prices above are our average actual United States Postal Service postage costs and include no additional fees for handling or packaging.
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