"It brought tears to my eyes..."

  • "I lived in Ireland as a child. My grandmother took me to this same location (IRELAND NATURE WALK) over 50 years ago and we walked this same path together. It is amazing how this location has never changed and it looks exactly the same as I remembered it. It brought tears to my eyes just watching it. I really enjoyed this video. Very well put together."

  • "Hi, My name is Erin. I received 6 DVDs a number of months ago of various virtual walk tours (of which I only purchased 4 as you had included 2 extra tours that you thought my father would like). We had exchanged a couple of emails during the time that my father was struggling with Cancer. Unfortunately, he passed away November 21st. I just wanted to let you know that he thoroughly enjoyed all of the virtual tour DVD's you sent. During days that he was tired of watching CNN (or more so I got tired of watching it : ) he watched in awe at some of the beautiful locations you have captured on video. He was shocked at how real it seemed to him on his big screen TV. Some days he was just so tired from being unable to sleep at night, he actually was able to fall asleep to the sound of the birds in the 4 seasons video! The videos displayed such amazing graphics it truely did give him a sense that he was really at these locations walking himself (even though he physically coouldn't walk). So sorry for the belated thank you, as the last few months have been quite difficult. I do plan on bringing them into work with me this week and play them on our big screen TV in our gym where I'm an Occupational Therapist. So often my patients say "I'm tired of riding this bike! It's so boring!" This way they can enjoy the beautiful scenery and not even think about how they're working in Physical or Occupational Therapy. So again, a huge thank you to you and your company for allowing not only myself and my father enjoy your videos but now for my patients as well! Sincerely, Erin"

  • "These folks that make these DVDs do such a great job that I feel I am actually there! I can't wait to get the next DVD that they make. I am never disappointed."

  • "This is a great video! Well done, like you are actually walking through the villages! Even see other people smiling at you. Sure beats watching the news."

  • "I really enjoy this walking tour. I'm a huge fan of the Midsomer Murders show and this was like bring there!! I take this tour once a week!"

  • I have traveled Europe for 3 years straight, Rome being one city I spent much time in and literally saw all of what is in this DVD on Rome, and if you cannot travel, then this is a good way to get to enjoy the scenery and the beautiful ancient temples and monuments. And when watching it on my 70" screen TV, I almost feel like I am really there again.

  • "I put this in on the weekends and pretend I'm back in England, where I served in the Air Force. Very nice and calming, until one of my cats heard the background sounds - cows, sheep, and, his favorite, birds. He hopped up on the TV stand and nearly knocked the TV over trying to get to the chirping sound. I had to stop I was laughing so hard. Poor cat finally gave up, shot me a dirty look for teasing him. I especially like the touch of when the 'walker' goes through a gate along the public path, pauses and turns around to show the small plaque commemorating the marriage of Prince Charles to Lady Diana. I will definitely get another from this company."

  • "It makes you feel like you are on vacation. You walk past vintage cottages with lovely flower gardens and through scenic towns. It is a visual and mental treat. I know I will watch this dvd many times. This seller is excellent. They ship immediately and are great to communicate with. I have purchased several of their other dvd's and will be reviewing them as I watch them. I highly recommend this dvd for anyone who enjoys amazing scenery."

  • "This is one of my favorites. Peaceful, calm, and beautiful. I feel as if I am walking in the Everglades and listening to nature at it's most centering. Quite wonderful...."

  • "Mother Nature visits your living room! I wasn't sure I quite believed the promise of a "smooth camera" gliding through the forest. Don't know how they did it, but it really is true. The visual looks just as if you were walking through the wooded areas, along the lakeside, etc. Natural sounds enhance the experience - everything from birds chirping in the trees to leaves crunching underfoot."

  • "I have walked through parts of this area and it was like being there again. Wonderful job. The pace is just right and the bird/nature sounds are so enjoyable. I like how the "walker" pauses at times to soak in a pleasant spot for a moment as I would have done."

  • "I have several of these and for me they are so worth it. My dream of visiting these places is not going to happen. I love being able to experience these places and I feel they are very well done."

  • "I very much enjoyed the Amalfi Excursion Virtual Walk. I got it because it was a similar location to some that I visited but needed more time to enjoy. I'm going to see if I can find similar videos for some of the islands and locations that I did visit in real life, but didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked. This is a good one to view over and over again."

  • "This is a masterpiece! (Los Angeles Crest Bike Ride) I felt as if I were actually taking that ride through the mountain twists, turns, and into heavy fog. The photography is excellent! This is the way the drive through the mountains really feels. At one point we even go through thick fog. I was wondering if we would be able to see at all. The preview of some of their other DVDs was worth the money to me. If I could, I would get ALL of them!!!"

  • "This is amazing! Just pure Zen! The countryside is so peaceful and such a lovely, relaxing adventure."

  • "Beautiful Scenery of Wife's Scottish Roots. After doing Ancestry.com for a solid 3 months (every night/3 to 4 hours a night), we wanted to visualize the scenery rather than look at YouTube videos and images online. Great price and goes well in our ancestral video library."

  • I have actually gone to some of the places you filmed. And to add to that it was one of the best vacations my husband and I have taken in our 43 years of marriage. We booked a trip with VBT and toured the Amalfi Coast. Our tour included some of the places on your DVD's such as Amalfi, Ravello (our tour guide was from there), the Isle of Capri, as well as Positano, Sorrento, Pompeii, and more. We also walked the ancient ruins in Rome. I cannot let this experience go by without thanking you and your staff for opening my eyes to places I would never have known about.

    Because of your DVD's one of the future trips we plan to take is to Nova Scotia and to do the Nature Walk in Maine. Actually we would like to go to many other places you have filmed but these are some of my favorites.

    Thank you for a Wonderful Experience. Nancy B."

  • "Just received my latest shipment of your dvds. Wonderful as usual. I just wanted to say thanks for the speedy shipment and for the personalized note on each of the order forms enclosed with the dvds. I feel like a friend of mine went traveling and sent me a copy of their vacation videos! I enjoy your work and use them each morning on my treadmill. Please don’t stop making these dvds. Marlene"

  • "I love these walking tours! I am house bound now and unable to travel. With these DVD's I am now traveling around the world. They are so good! I feel transported to these places. They are so wonderful! I have purchased many of their tours and I promise you will not be disappointed! Every one them is good. I am so grateful to the folks that made these DVD's. Thank you so much! Susan"

  • "Excellent delivery time. I am so happy with this Midsomer Villages walking tour. I especially enjoy the beautiful old churches and the graveyards. The photography is outstanding, and it was a wise decision not to include music or a narrative. I am very happy with this purchase, and I highly recommend VITA DVDs."

  • "I now have five nature walk dvds and love them all (Ireland, Maine, Florida, Hawaii, Four Seasons). And I don't even own a treadmill. They're great for simple relaxation. When I can't get to a park, I put in one of these dvds and I can take a mental walk in Nature. Thanks. Wish I could figure out how these are made. I suspect some kind of drone is used."

  • "Hi Kathi, I love the Novia Scotia Bike DVD!! Love it!! Beautiful scenery...oh, just beautiful, thought I was there!!! Hope you continue to make these!!!! Thank you!!! I love it!! Who ever rode on the bike filming this DVD...did an EXCELLENT JOB!!! Wow!! Highly impressed! Jackie"

  • "Hi, I'm glad to see the Cinque Terre video is out! We loved our time there although short. We had a great month in Europe. Venice was more incredible then I imagined, even after watching your video multiple times. Anyways looking forward to watching more videos! Daniel"

  • "I want to let you know how much my mom absolutely loves the Cotswolds DVDs I purchased from you for her Christmas gift. She said watching the DVDs is like a delicious treat to savour. I am so pleased this unusual present was so well received. Thank you for your helpful and personal service. Dianne"

  • "We LOVE the 3 Italian DVDs. They are magnificent! We have played them several times already and we are seeing new things each time. You stop and pause exactly where we want you to pause. We truly look forward to the new Italian releases. Thanks for adding a bit of happiness to many lives, we greatly appreciate your work. Norma"

  • "Thank you so much! I just love your videos. Before I bought your dvds I didn't stay on the treadmill very long because it got boring but now even if I get tired,the virtual walks keep me interested and I want to keep walking its almost like really be there! Thank you, Lisa"

  • "I want you to know how much I enjoyed the hike on the North Shore! I actually walked most of it this afternoon, it was great! I really enjoyed hearing all the birds. You know, of all the times we have been over there, we have not done that particular hike. I thought it was very well done. And the seascapes were fantastic! You really captured the Hawaii I have come to love so very much. Mahalo for such a wonderful DVD! Susan"

  • "Yesterday we received all three DVD's. It's for my wife and she loves the Cotswold's. Immediately she watched all three DVD's. You're right the Cotswold's are enchanting. The DVD's are fantastic. Your collection is the best we could find on the Cotswold's. Once again thank you ever so much for the DVD's. All the best! Francis"



  • "I love these walking tours! I am house bound now and unable to travel. With these DVD's I am now traveling around the world. they are so good! i feel transported to these places. They are so wonderful! I have purchased many of their tours and I promise you will not be disappointed! Every one them is good. IO am so grateful to the folks that made these DVD's, thank you so much!"

  • "Just wanted to let you know I just gave my mom the DVD's for her birthday on Friday. They are a HUGE hit!! Not just with her but with everyone we tell!! I put one onto our 52" and chuckled at all the guests standing there with their jaws dropped!!! It is such an amazing concept that everyone wants them!! Lucille"

  • "Thank you Kathi! I have aprox. 19 of your videos. Love them! I'm an exerciser and world traveler. Because of your videos, I've added a few more destinations to my "must visit" list! Kindest regards, Ann G."

  • "Votre technique de prise de vue est magnifique, aujourd'hui, je vais prendre une marche dans une forêt de Floride ! Maryline"

  • The website says you have a total of 31, with future DVDs to come. Are there any additional ones available yet? I already have the 2 shown below, and would like to purchase the other 29 DVDs. Can you give me a quote for the 29 DVDs (and any additional ones you have released) with USPS 1st Class International Mail to Australia please, as I am not sure how much it would be as your order system only goes as far as “order 10”! Thanks and regards, Ann H."

  • "Five years ago I was critically injured while biking. I have had numerous knee and facial surgeries. I lost all the ligaments in the left knee when I got staph after the third surgery on the left leg. I can't play hockey, ski, or run anymore but I can still bike. Thank God. Your videos are a blast and far safer. Thanks, Mark J."

  • "I received the DVDs I ordered today. They are excellent. I am looking forward to ordering more of your new releases, especially Italy and Greece, as they become available. Thank you for your excellent customer service, communication, and carefully packing for shipment of my DVDs. You did a beautiful job producing these DVDs. I went to Italy in Sept of 2010 and visited Pisa, Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, and Tuscany. These videos reminded me of my trip which I enjoyed very much. Thank you and best regards, Reggie"

  • "I so loved walking thru the Cotswolds, that I bought 3 more of your dvds. Last night we walked through Egypt, awesome! Hearing the actual sounds helps the virtual travel experience, it's almost like Star Trek's Holodeck! Thanks for a great product.... I hope your Pompeii dvd is available soon. We'll be back.... Peggy, Franklinville, NJ"

  • "These days it is rare to find such a high level of customer service and the quality of the product is extraordinary. I chose the Irish jogging DVD. Having lived there it was like going back to the days before I needed to be on my treadmill. Now I have a great incentive to do my cardio. Thanks guys!, C.R. Bryant"

  • "Thanks again for your being there for people like myself who need you! Deborrah"

  • "I'm thrilled to tell you they came today, safe and sound. I've already watched half of them and am in love. As a writer, I looking up from my writing seeing the beautiful scenes on these DVD's. It's so inspiring. Thank you for that. I was wondering when the new ones, like Pompeii, are set to come out? Thanks from Doreen M."

  • "These DVDs are wonderful. Good for a way to relax after a challeging day at the office. Looking forward to many more! Vernon"

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  • "Received your dvds earlier this week. What triumphs they are! I just love them, thank you, and the little "shorts" with the string quartet - very beautiful. I think I will have to send your "Morning in Venice" to my sister in Adelaide - she had her 50th birthday in Italy just last year. She loved Venice, and we hope to go there & UK in 2012. Thank you again for the dvds, they are truly "therapeutic" for me at the moment, and very restful as well. Went to the hospital to day to have my 5th of 6 chemo treatments, however they sent me home because my white cell count is too low at the moment - need to wait till next week - frustrating. Came home grumpy, & put your dvds on - better now! Haha! Take care, Kind regards, Kathleen"

  • "I just want you to know that you have some wonderful dvds on your site and I shall be checking your site from time to time, I am very pleased with what I have already purchased from you, The Hollywood hills dvd was just so wonderful I really enjoyed it, I have been looking around for these dvds for such a long time, I just cannot find them anywhere in England to purchase these, and I thought I`d go on the internet and your site came up and I was so impressed with them. So keep making these dvds I shall definitely purchase more from you!!!!! Many Thanks, Sheila"

  • "I need more cycling DVD's...just love them!!!! Went to Argyll today and had too much fun telling the sheep to get out of the road and waved thanks to drivers who pulled off to the side of the road to let us by. The sheep are the size of cows; really wanted to stop on the shoreline for a picnic! This one is my favorite!!!! Thanks for a wonderful product! Margie"

  • "I got the disc today and it looks and works amazing! You did such an wonderful job capturing the footage, it really feels like you're walking there! Bonus footage was spectacular too. I can't wait to see the other two videos, Cotswold Villages 2 and Ravello. I think having the three will give me a good variety to start with. Later I will definitely want to add more locations to keep things interesting. I just know that I'll find something new every time I view them. I can't tell you how excited I am about your videos and how they will improve my exercising. It's really turning something I force myself to do, into something that I look forward to and enjoy doing. You have such a wonderful concept and execution. Thank you so very much, I really appreciate your talent, your accommodating my needs, your speedy turn around and your excellent product! Van"

  • "Thank you so much for taking the time to write back to me regarding your DVD's. I purchased as I said earlier the HAWAII one, and then I purchased a DVD from another company. There was no comparison to the packing, quality, and service. I was severely disappointed with the other company's dvd. Your dvd came in a nice case with a nice photo picture on it. It was very professional.

  • "Hi! I just had to tell you how much I LOVE this DVD! This DVD is superbly made, I can't believe how realistic it is - it's like I'm really there! A particularly pretty scene was going by on the left and I actually turned my head to keep looking at it it was so real - imagine the disappointment of seeing my funky old basement steps instead - LOL! You will DEFINITELY be seeing more orders from me - these DVD's will keep me walking! They make an otherwise boring treadmill workout something to look forward to! Thank You so much! Missy"

  • "I just wanted to tell you again how much we have enjoyed these dvds. We will definitely be buying more. My 10-year-old son, who is homeschooled, enjoys these as well. We had just finished a study on Egypt and he found the Egypt dvd fascinating. Thanks again, L.M."

  • "I do not do this very often with products I order, but I would truly like to thank you for your product. The hour goes by very quickly and I get a mini vacation. On those days I can't be out on the trail because of weather or time, I bring the outdoors in! I have just ordered four more DVD's to add to my collection and I will routinely be checking your web site for new DVDs.

  • "I just ordered your DVD on Mt. Desert Island, Maine. While I mainly got it because we are planning a trip in a few days to Mt. Desert Island and I wanted to see what it was like, I had the idea that I would use it to exercise on my elliptical as your reviews say it is great for that. I began watching it just for the sights and thought, well this will be silly to put on as I exercise although it was beautiful to watch. But just for the heck of it I put it on and got on the exercise machine and I was hooked. I felt like I was jogging down Cadillac Mountain and I really enjoyed it! Thank you so much for the fast shipping and the beautiful job you did. Thanks. Janice"

  • "Thank you very much! We already have all the other walks that you have produced and enjoy them immensely. We will definitely enjoy these, and look forward to your new ones. You must have a great time filming them! We certainly enjoy and appreciate your efforts. All the best, Robert"

  • "Hello. I really enjoyed the walking video of Venice. I got two, one for myself, and one for my parents. We lived in Venice when I was a youngster, what memories! Thanks, Michele"

  • "Hello, I bought all of your walking DVDs recently and have just had a chance to spend more time with some. They are truly a treat for me. Although I've been to Venice (long ago), somehow I never learned about Burano (or Murano or Turcello, which I look forward to seeing, courtesy of you). I loved both DVDs and found the mini-doc about the other islands fascinating. I just watched the Four Seasons one in fast forward. I'm a native Californian and, although it does happen relatively dramatically in parts of the state, I've rarely seen obvious signs of seasons changing in my daily life. It was SO interesting to watch the changes along the same path right before my eyes. What an interesting concept you had in doing this. How moving it is allegorically as well. Further, the mini-doc on flowers and ferns is so lovely .. offering the things one would focus on while walking past but you can't safely with a camera while continuing walking. My biggest compliment is for the very rare pleasure of experiencing editing to the phrases of the music. There should be whole semesters/years on this in film schools and specialists sitting with non-musical editors because it makes such a difference. Very often you made gentle transitions as the music went from one phrase to the next and I loved how you would slowly zoom in on a flower and hold the shot through the climax of the phrase. Well done! I'm not sure which came first, the film or music, but if it were the film, it was photographed with uncanny musical timing. However it happened, I appreciated and got great pleasure from it. I'm looking forward to the rest - and ones coming in the future. I'm slowly savoring them since I know I'll be living with them for a long time. Thank you for these and for making my ordering so easy that night I was doing them one by one, Janet"

  • "What a wonderful idea! I lived in Europe for 32 years and now I am stateside. Your videos brought back so many memories that photos just can't do. Thank you, Margaret"

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